Kibana CSP configuration


I am having difficulty changing CSP configuration in kibana.yml file.
I have tried multiple ways to change like:

csp.script_src: "'self' 'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline';"
csp.script_src: ['self', 'unsafe-eval', 'unsafe-inline']

But kibana fails to start without giving any error in the logs. It just get stucks on:

[2024-02-20T11:32:39.529+00:00][INFO ][node] Kibana process configured with roles: [background_tasks, ui

Kibana documentation also doesn't give an example for the correct format to specify here.

Please help

csp.script_src is an array configuration (source). I tested this yaml snippet and Kibana started without issues:

csp.strict: false
csp.warnLegacyBrowsers: false
  - unsafe-inline
  - self
  - unsafe-eval

Mind that unsafe-inline has restrictions on strict and warnLegacyBrowsers values but you should see proper error messages in the Kibana logs.

Hope it helps.

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