Kibana Dashboard align all visualiazations to left

Hi Team,
I'm using Elasticsearch 7.11.2 and Kibana 7.11.2 docker image when I trying to access the Dashboard, all visualizations are getting align to left side as per image. All respective visualizations and index-patterns are present into kibana. Any suggestions why getting visualizations align to left in Dashboard ?

In Firefox console I see this this error, if it can help.


Hi @sandy13sharma2006 I am one of the Lens developers. Thanks for showing the error, that definitely helps me understand what's happening. Each lens saved object in Kibana is required to have an array of references: [] which contains all the index pattern objects that are used, and you do not seem to have this data. Before getting this error, what steps did you take?

In terms of resolving the error, I think you have a couple options:

  • If the Lens objects were imported in some way, you could fix the data and then import again
  • You could delete all the Lens objects and start over and it should work.
  • You could manually update each Lens object

Thank you @wylie for your reply and suggestions.
I also see this left alignment of visualizations on dashboard when I don't have any lens used for creating dashboard. I rechecked index-pattern also but there is no fields of type lens. In this scenario, what solutions I can apply ?

I've already given 3 potential solutions, but without more information from you I can't be specific.

  • How are you running Kibana, and what version are you running?
  • Have you recently upgraded Kibana or Elasticsearch? What about restoring from a backup?
  • Have you made any Kibana configuration changes recently?
  • How did you set up these dashboards?
  • Does the issue happen if you create a new dashboard and add a Lens panel?

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