Kibana Dashboard - Display the ES data in a table

I am creating a Kibana dashbaord for simulated data collected from sensors . I have a few queries.

  1. Is it possible to create the "Table" which will list all the data in data ( may be last 30 data samples) with the fields which we want. I don't want to apply any aggregation

  2. I have created a TileMap and mapped geopoint on it. It worked really well. Is it possible to select a specific geopoint on TileMap, which should give me all the data related to that specific geopoint ?


  1. Yep, save a search in Discover and then you can add that to the dashboard just like you add visualizations, just click the "Saved Search" tab in the add panel
  2. Right now you have to use the area selection tool to narrow down data on the tilemap (it's the square icon on the left of the map)

Thanks Spalger. Adding data to dashboard using "Saved Search" worked. Regarding the tilemap, is it possible for map to automatically zoom to the location/area based on filters applied ?

The "crop" icon will do that, but it does require a click, it's not totally automatic

Thanks Spalger

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