Kibana dashboard error

I am currently using version 7.11.1.
When dashboarding in kibana "
[parent] data too large, data for [index:data/read/search[step/query]] is [1045822710/997.3mb],
It is larger than the limit of [1020054732/972.7mb]. Actual usage: [1045794000/997.3mb],
New bytes reserved: [28710/28kb], usage [request=0/0b, fielddata=110984/108.3kb, in_flight_requests=57420/56kb,
model_inference=0/0b, account=31109132/29.6mb]" error.
More precisely, please check what kind of error occurs when making a request, and what is the path if a log remains.

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Normally due to the volume of data it is necessary to increase the kibana's memory resource and apparently it only has 1GB available for use. Since you are using an older version, there is this problem mapped out, have a look at this link below:
Reporting troubleshooting | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic

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