Kibana dashboard for logstash metrics

I am not sure if anyone has tried this before but hopefully someone can give me some tips.
I am trying to create a kibana dashboard for logstash metrics that are pushed to elasticsearch.
I want a separate graph line for each of my logstash instances with events count graphed over time.

I am using Kibana 4.

The logstash metric message looks like such:
tags.raw:redis_metric tags:redis_metric @version:1 @timestamp:May 26th 2015, 16:04:10.717 events.count:604779390 events.rate_1m:759.925 events.rate_5m:810.13 events.rate_15m:849.12 _id:AU2SeA587gD7Catx476y _type:logs _index:logstash-2015.05.26

So the message field is the logstash instance hostname. events.rate_1m is the field that holds the count.


Do a line graph on the events.rate_1m value and then agg on the hostname. That should do it.