Kibana Dashboard for sales team

Hi team,

I am relatively new on ES and Kibana and my business team needs very specific dashboard as mentioned in below snapshot.

We can prepare state of the art dashboards into Kibana where I can get sense of business performance from top to end with different - different controls and visualizations we can portrait data into more sensible charts/ graphs and so on. However, I am looking forward to extend these dashboards to end users . Here, In Kibana business needs a dashboard for Sales representative - where respective sales representative can see - his performance and achievements without seeing other sales representative - client information / no their performance.

Another dashboard to be prepared for branch mangers , Regional managers and so on.

Based on the dashboard data - business head or Zonal manager should able to dig in further for respective subordinate performance and so on.

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What exactly do you need assistance with here?

I am trying to build a dashboard which will be integrated into one of my CS application where - sales representative can access dashboard and play round on his data.

Ok but that's pretty broad, we'd need some specific requests to be able to help you. We won't be able to build the entire thing for you.

Hi Mark,
Thanks a lot for your response. To make it more presentable, I have prepared dashboards and those dashboards would be called directly from one of my application. While loading the dashboard - some default filter information would be passed as shown in sample dashboard. Those filter should be non-editable or not visible.

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