Kibana dashboard in zabbix

I am trying to view the kibana dashboard in zabbix using the url widget type , when i give url of kibana in this format
http://username:password@kibanaDashboardUrl it returns a blank page. all other url works fine. What can be the issue>

Hi @Neelam_Zanvar,

This post looks to have been duplicated here. Please try to avoid posting the same question multiple times.

Are you getting a particular error? Does it return Kibana successfully with just the Kibana URL with no credentials?

It might be an issue with the Zabbix widget. Have you tried asking in the Zabbix forum to see if any Zabbix experts can help?

no the url widget works fine for other url. for kibana in both cases passing cred in url and without, it's giving a blank page. no errors

By no errors, are you referring to the browser console? Can you check the network tab in the developer tools to see if the Kibana endpoint is returning a response?

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