Kibana dashboard not updating when panels are edited

I already have my Kibana dashboard set up for some time now.

Just recently, I had to update a panel and add a couple visualization. Then after saving the dashboard, everything seems normal.

But when I access the dashboard, say 6 hours after or on the next day, all my edits from my last save did not reflect. It is back to the old dashboard. I have tried editing and re-saving but it still goes back to the old setting. Need help if you guys have any idea to resolve this. Thanks!

Hello, This seems unusual if you have saved the newly added visualizations on to the dashboard. Are there any errors in the logs and browser console? which version of the stack you are using ?


Thank you for the response. It turns out, it was an error on my end. I was still trying to access the same bookmark after updating the dashboard. Did not realize that the URL contains the dashboard panel information. All good now - had to update my bookmark everytime the dashboard panels are updated.

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