Kibana dashboards for Kafka


I'm considering to monitor my Kafka platform components (brokers, zookeepers, etc.) and the associated JVMs.
I'm wondering if there is Kibana dashboards already existing?

Metricbeat comes with modules for Kafka and Zookeeper. Follow this guide to enable modules (e.g. ./metricbeat enable kafka zookeeper).

Then run ./metricbeat setup to install the dashboards into Kibana.

Thanks but it looks like the current module version supports only SASL PLAINTEXT authentication.
IMHO, this option is not acceptable for a production Kafka cluster.
Thanks for our answer but it doesn't work for my context.

Sorry, I'm not very familiar with Metricbeat's internals. The folks in the Beats forums might be more helpful.

Have you checked the issues in the beats repository for an enhancement request for alternate authentication protocols? If there isn't one, perhaps you can create an issue?

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