Kibana Data discovery query highlighter missing

Hi Team,

I'm using ELK stack 5.4 version and beats 5.4 version in our dev environmnet.

We can see initially when we search with a query in data discovery in kibana UI, the results used to come and those would be highlighted.

But for now highlighter is missing and we are unable to analyse logs in data discovery.

example: when we search below query in filebeat discovery tab, that data with LdapConnection message should be highlighted but its not.

message: "LdapConnection"

Please let us know what would be the issue.

Are you sure that the mapping hasn't changed? Highlighting is working great in my version of 5.4

Sorry, I don't know how mapping has been changed or not.

how do i check that? Please help

Filebeat has been mapped properly by invoke-webrequest command loading template manually.

may i know what would causing issue of highlighting.?

Hi Team,

I can see in search query highlighting not working for any of the index created such as filebeat,packetbeat,metricbeat etc...

Please help us resolving this.

Hi Team,

may i get any response from the team please.

Hi Team,

Please someone can reply us the solution.

We are awaiting for the answer from many days.


I have the same issue!

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