Kibana Data Table Date Histogram Aggregation Useless labels


So when I add the following split table aggregation to my data, instead of giving me the month name for my labels, it gives me the milliseconds for the timestamp. I also don't see a way to edit it.

Here's what it looks like:

Obviously, a label like that won't really do for a dashboard.

How can I format the label so it's MM-YYYY?


You can use Kibana field formatters on your dateKey:

That should help.



I'm having the same issue. After setting up a date histogram, daily, and getting the ouput I get the titile formatted as "millis:Label".

I have setted up the date format for that field in Kibana Index Pattern configuration as "DD/MM/YYYY" getting at the example output the expected value, but it seems that this configuration isn't enought for Data Table visualization.

Can you provide me one solution please?


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