Kibana Data Table division between two column


My data table look like this :

and i want to add a column with the ratio sum(delivered)/sum(volume).

Is it possible?

I see in others topics that it could be done with canvas or Visual Builder math aggregation.

i didn't manage to do it with canvas and in Visual Builder i couldn't use math aggregation, it's locked:

thank you to point me to other potential solutions

EDIT : I managed to use math aggregation in visual builder but i can't divide, i can only add, subtract and multiply variable. I have the same issue with json input in data table.

I have another problem with visual builder, the time field and interval don't allow me to display my data as I want.

Hi @simple_commentateur,

You can achieve using scripted fields.

Try to create a scripting field under management-->index pattern--> scripting fields.

  1. Name the field and data type
  2. In the script section use
    { doc['sum_deleivered_field].value/doc['sum_volume_field'].value}

use the scripted field in your table.


But I use sum aggregation in the data table and scripted field don't affect them.

An alternative is to use weighted average because I send the ratio that I need.

I can use average aggregation of this ratio if it depend of volume too

Any solutions?

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