Kibana Data view "fieldAttrs"


I used Kibana API to get info about a data view

GET kbn:/api/data_views/data_view/<data_view_id>

and I got an object as the following:

    "data_view": {
      "id": "...",
      "version": "...",
      "title": "...",
      "sourceFilters": [],
      "fields": {},
      "typeMeta": {},
      "fieldFormats": {},
      "runtimeFieldMap": {},
      "fieldAttrs": {
        "prometheus.labels.instance": {
          "count": 1
      "allowNoIndex": false,
      "name": "..."

I searched but didn't find what fieldAttrs corresponds to.
Could someone give me some explanations about it ?


Here's the documentation that you've requested - Create data view API | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic - let me know if you have further questions.


Thank you @mattkime !

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