Kibana did not load properly /bundles folder items wont load - FIXED

I'm very new to Kibana setup other than being a light user at work. Trying to setup and learn it as a hobby more or less and expand my knowledge.

I've installed elastic search per the install page instruction, installed Kibana as well per the official instructions on Ubuntu server 16.04. I had the Kibana page come up once with red items on various things now it will only throw the "did not load properly" error each and every time and in the console I see 3 specific ERR_CONNECTION_RESET flags for:

No idea how to fix this and cant seem to find anything helpful on google or the forums here. How do I fix this?

EDIT - so I followed this link step by step and I'm seeing the Kibana stuff now so must have been something in my settings

I'm sorry you had so much trouble getting started. Usually when the bundles fail to load like that, it's the result of a permissions issue, but it's hard to say for sure. In any case, I'm glad you got it worked!

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