Kibana Discover browser title (looks) not set 1st time

I noticed Kibana puts name of Discover search in browser title.
This is very useful feature, but I see it is "unreliable".

When I save search for first time, it sets title to "Discover: Errors".
When I load saved search like https://kibana/app/discover#/view/b139032a-a9db-fd3b-b4aa-34df24e3b4ac, it also sets title to "Discover: Errors".

But when save again (update save), it sets title to "Errors".

Result: Some tabs show name like "Errors", but some other say "Discove...".
This looks unreliable and I cannot easily see what is where.

Hi @nisow95612,

What Kibana version do you use?

Ah right, sorry. I this issue is there long time, including 7.17.15.
I wish I can upgrade and test 8, but one client still gives "not supported" :frowning: .

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