Kibana Discover calculating wrong date from timestamp

Hello, i'm loading squid logs into elasticsearch using the java highlevelclient api.
I'm putting the timestamp as a date field, when i open kibana discover, all dates are placed in 1970, ej:


January 18th 1970, 07:20:50.276


and in the JSON of that same item: "@timestamp": 1513250276.929, the conversion is jueves, 14 de diciembre de 2017 6:17:56.929, which is correct
Any sugestions?

Hi @jalfonsocu,

Elasticsearch and Kibana expect timestamps to be in milliseconds. Your JSON example looks like it contains a float with milliseconds behind the decimal point. I would recommend to multiply these values with 1000 during ingestion in order to correct for that.

thanks, problem solved

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