Kibana Discover not Returning Data but Dev Tools Console is

I have created new indices in the past week that have data based upon my basic searches from kibana (6.4) Dev Tools console. For instance, a basic search:

GET /foo-index-2019.06.22/_search?q=&pretty$size=100

brings back plenty of data.

However, from Discover against the same new indices I cannot get any data. There is a basic Index Pattern created that is called (lets say) foo*. This pattern has been in existence for at least a year. I can return data from all other indices. Most of the other indices have been in existence for some time (e.g., stuff like foo-bar-someDate always returns data).

I have tried all varieties of settings for the time filter (year to date, exact date, last 7 days, etc.). Nothing returns data for my new indices. The new indices have @timestamp values from the past 7 days).

I would be grateful for any ideas. Thank you

Hi Timothy -- do you get any error messages in the log or browser console?

If by log you mean the kibana log file, no I see no errors. If by browser console you mean the Dev Tools Console, no I do not see any errors when I execute queries such the example query I referenced above (GET /foo-index-2019.06.22/_search?q=&pretty$size=100).

Grateful for insights and ideas. Thank you

Hi Timothy - Usually things not showing in discover are time filter related, I would try doing a get query on the data that is showing in discover and the data that is not showing in discover, select one entry from each and see if you can spot any differences, particularly on the index and time stamp.


Liza, great suggestion. I found my problem. My label for log timestamp was logDateTime, and kibana needs logTimestamp (which I figured out by looking at working indices as per your suggestion). Thanks!

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