Kibana discover not show the date of the log I am parsing

On kibana discover page below, In 2013, the only date it shows is Nov 1, 2013 for the last couple of days.
But I know my logstash has parsed couple of days in December 7-10, 2013. Why Kibana does not show it?

Also, the total hit has been remained as 8989334 since two days ago. I only have one ES server with standard setting, but i was told i have several terabytes of storage.

Would you pls point out some explanation? Thanks!! (PS, I am parsing large files, 2-3G a file, thousands of them in total for couple of days, and with slow speed..., 1 file per day)

It looks like the documents might have had a bad date format that was parsed weirdly. If you click the bar that's showing up in 2013 the time filter will be updated to match that bar and discover will then show you the documents that make up that bar (under the bar chart). I suggest looking at the JSON version of these documents to understand why Elasticsearch thinks they happened in 2013

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