Kibana Discover not showing the quick visualize option for the fields in Kibana 7.8.0

I've installed ELK Stack 7.8.0 using docker with basic license enabled and TLS between the ES nodes. Passwords has been created for the built in users and configured. Everything works fine.

But in Kibana in the discover section for the fields, the visualize button is missing. It was present in the old ELK version which i have used. Eg. version before 5.6.16.

Could you please let me know how i can enable this option ?

Attached the screenshots from kibana-4.6.3 and kibana-7.8.0
kibana-7.8.0 kibana-4.6.3


It looks like that feature was removed. Sorry about that!

You can create a visualization by going to the Visualize app. There you can either create a bar graph and manually set this graph up yourself or you can try out Lens which will automatically generate some graphs for you just by selecting the data you want to see.

Thanks @myasonik for the update

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