Kibana doesn't interpolate between data points on a map

I'm currently running Kibana 6.5.4 and plotting a heatmap using a coordinate map type. When the map is zoomed out, Kibana appears to interpolate between data points. But when I zoom in as close as I can go, Kibana just plots a heat map over the specific geo_point locations, and it doesn't fill in the gaps between them.

So for example if I'm plotting point at lat:1.39 lon: 103.95 and a point at lat:2.39 lon:103.95. It will colour over the respective points in heat map colours, but not the space in between the points.

Is there a way for me to set Kibana so it will always interpolate between data points? I realise this may be difficult to understand without a picture but I'm unable to get one at this time.


Have you looked at our maps app starting 7.2.0?

Our basic maps in viz help users. But maps app was built with a ton of new features which go way beyond.

It will help your use case.


Hi Bhavya,

We cannot work with any version greater than 6.5, as we use sentinl and they have no plans to support 7+.

Is there no way to enforce interpolation between points in 6.5?

@Aaron_Caldwell can I please get some help on this?



Is there no one who can advise me on this problem?


What you're seeing is going to be the normal nature of a dynamic heatmap. When you zoom out, the points will appear closer together and the heatmap will seem to blend more between points. Typically this is where dynamic heatmaps are strongest, when zoomed out with a lot of points in view. As you zoom in, the heatmap will be recalculated relative to the points visible and becomes typically less useful. At this point, the point layer associated with the heatmap might be more useful.

Having said this, I understand there are use cases where you might want the same heatmap at all zoom levels. If you want something that doesn't change or that you can control more closely, depending on your exact use case, you could maybe use a Kibana Region Map to display hot spots or even an external WMS as a basemap (good overview of a few options here) to show regional hot spots in a more static way.


Thanks very much for the response, the information you provided is quite helpful.

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