Kibana Email and Call Button

Hello. I have made dashboard in Kibana. Can we create email and call button in Kibana visualisation. For example i have list of people who have expired identification card number i want to create action button of email and call. when i press the email button it will generate the email and when i click the call button call will made to that particular person is this possible ?

I think it is possible, use a makrdown visualization to use the particular fields for the specific user and build an url that the browser could open with the default email client in the system or for the call, zoom, teams, sip phone, etc.

can you guide how

markdown visualization is already coming

Well then, here are the steps:

  1. Create a TSVB visualization and select your index

  1. Change the TSVB to Metric just to be rigth and group it by the field of your interest

  1. Change the TSVB to markdown and use the tags to create the list of your URLS

Thank you

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