Kibana embedded dashboard IFrame empty

When I load our dashboard from a remote cluster, all works as intended. Loading the same dashboard from my local docker cluster the dashboard is completely empty (not even a "no results found" message). Inspecting the source shows it as an empty html document. If I follow the link the dashboard works as intended. There are no messages on the browser console.

Running 6.7.1, any ideas what could cause this?


Does this only happen on your local docker cluster only with the iFrame or with the Kibana instance as well? Just trying to pinpoint where the problem comes from.

Instance seems to be fine, if I follow the embed link to a new tab it shows the dashboard as normal.

if you do a curl to that page do you get any errors in the doc or something? Is there anything in the Kibana logs when you open it locally?

So we've now moved to using Https on our local cluster, which causes a different error, however this new error is due to security settings from our company and so cannot be fixed.

As for the original issue I assume it was related to the same security settings, or something misconfigured with the docker compose file. Sorry for wasting your time!

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