[Kibana Enhanced Table] Cell line / separator

Hi @fbaligand,
I'm very thank you for creating Kibana Enhanced Table Plugin.

Can I know if there is a way to achieve to draw the table cell line / separator in this plugin?

You can try to fill « computed row css » setting, or in a computed column, « computed cell css ».
With custom css, you should be able to draw cell lines.

It works! @fbaligand, thank you so much!

Hi @fbaligand, is that possible to add MS kind of excel into the Enhanced Table's cells?

Could you be more precise?

Sorry of confusion..
excel comments

Can I add comments into the table?
If not, can I have a chance to develop on top of your work?

You can eventually use "Template" setting in computed columns, and define a custom rendering HTML snippet that display some tooltip.

For example:
<span title="{{col1}}">{{value}}</span>

That said, enhanced table plugin is under Apache 2.0 license.
So you are free to fork it and create your own version.