Kibana External Search Link

We would like to manually create a get request to Kibana. All we need from the user currently is the root URL, something like https://elastic.cyborglab.local/, and we're able to create the link that would take them directly to their search page with the search payload already defined.

After digging through Routing, Navigation and URL | Kibana Guide [7.14] | Elastic and some of the Kibana source, we are able to successfully encode and embed the JSON query payload from example above into the URL, but we're still having some trouble with the "index" / "filters.meta.index" keys.

Removing those "index" keys from the encoded URL caused the page to break on load, and we assumed they were different across Kibana instances and couldn't be hard coded to some standard known working value. We're trying to figure out if this is something we can omit and we just aren't doing it correctly, if we can put something like a standard "logs-*" style index pattern in there, or if this is something we'll need to have the user provide to us alongside their Kibana root URL and give them some docs on how they can find this ID within their environment

Does using iFrame work?

You make your dashboard in Kibana and share it as iFrame and let the user run queries on it?

Or I am not just getting your question?


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