Kibana : failed to parse date field [1554163200000] with format [year_month_day]

In Kibana, i am able to see date in mentioned format which was very much anticipated.

Mapping which I created was type like this:

"StartDate" : {
"type" : "date",
"format" : "year_month_day"

Once i select any date from drop down as mentioned, i got he messages like "Failed to parse date filed with mentioned format".

Let me know how i can set the mapping and other things, so that from drop down also i should able to get the human readable date, for easy dashboard experience.

From @Elastic team can anyone help

I see that your mapping does not have a time component. In general Kibana does not handle date fields without a time component well. We have sort of a meta issue for it here #10575

Further more you can read about date formats here:

Also you should take a look at http://localhost:9200/_mapping and ensure your field is being correctly mapped to a date type with the correct format.


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