Kibana Field - Objects in Array are not well supported

Hello all,

Hope someone could assist me in diagnosing this issue I have been trying to resolve for a while now but got no where.

I am using kibana version 6.X. When i view my azure logs from Kibana, I am seeing some fields displaying this error, "Objects in Array are not well supported" when hovering over the black triangle. As you can see in the image attached.

This is preventing the fields to be used when trying to create visualizations. I have been looking at filters and patterns to see if there is a way to resolve this issue but no luck. Any idea anyone please?

There is much better support in later 7.X releases, you should upgrade :slight_smile:

Thank you warkolm for your response.

What about splitting nested fields into different fields. What is the best way to achieve this?

For example I am trying to extract the nested field (key) below and add it to a new field called key

I was hoping that using a filter like this would work:

filter {
   mutate {
       add_field => {
          "key"   => "%{[properties][additionalDetails][key]}"

But I get the result shown below in kibana discovery:



Any help with this issue please?

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