Kibana Filter is not behaving as the way it should

Hi Experts,

I have very strange issue . I have a field which contains event id's .So it is like

baseEventIds:11464812479 OR 11464812477 OR 11464812476

Now when I filter the event based on this field I am getting nothing , but when I just put 11464812479 OR 11464812477 OR 11464812476 in the kibana search bar i am getting results .Not sure what is happening, i mean what is the problem while applying a filter ? i am applying a filter by jusy clicking the filed baseEventsId.

it works fine when I just place directly in search bar something like

baseId:11464812479 OR 11464812477 OR 11464812476


You're using the OR boolean operator where it can't be used. It's only valid in query strings, not in field filters.

Also, while "baseId:11464812479 OR 11464812477 OR 11464812476" works it doesn't do what you expect it to. It does not translate to

baseId:11464812479 OR baseId:11464812477 OR baseId:11464812476

but to

baseId:11464812479 OR default_field:11464812477 OR default_field:11464812476

where default_field is the index-specific default field for queries, which by default is _all, i.e. all fields in the document. In other words, your query will match any document with 11464812477 or 11464812476 in any field.

Thank you ,I got you point Magnus