Kibana gauge count of currently filtered documents vs. total no. of documents in index

On a Kibana dashboard, I would like to add a gauge that displays, in percent, the count of currently filtered documents vs the total number of documents in the index.
Say I have 100 documents in my index and a field "country" that can be used for filtering. 10 documents have "DE" as country. When I display the dashboard without adding any filter, the gauge should show 100%. When I filter on country='DE', it should show 10% (i.e. the numerator should be based on the current dashboard filter, but not the denominator).
How can this be achieved?

From the way filters work in Kibana, this is not possible. If you have a filter on a dashboard, all the data will be filtered at ES level and will only show you results matching that. You'd have to use a different dahsboard to display this, but then you won't be able to link it to the current filter.

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