Kibana Graph palette question


We have a requirement to change the color of the graphs shown by Kibana. I check the forum and found a link to a github post to track the status.

The latest comments on the page seems to indicate that the feature is currently added to kibana. I downloaded the latest kibana version 4.3.1 (Released on Dec 17).

But i couldn't find any option to change the color of the graphs. Is this option available or will be in a future release?


Sorry for the confusion. The issue will actually be in the next version of Kibana, 4.4.0, which should be releasing soon.

For future reference, if you look at the tags for the Pull Request that closed it, here #5443, you can see which version it's been merged in to.

Also, if you don't want to wait for the official release, you can try using a snapshot build, which you can find here:

Ooh. thanks.