Kibana Graph Timeline

Hi, May i know is it possible to add timeline in Kibana graph to filter network, or is there any other way. Thanks Prem

Sure, but without knowing anything about the structure of your data, I can only share an idea coming from an ideal use case.

Kibana has a filter bar for quick searching, and pinnable filters that are useful for saving as part of a visualization.

You can type in a filter with a query string such as: is_network_data: true, but to do that, you will need an is_network_data boolean field in your data.

Thanks for the reply,

Attached a image, data is having various columns like Name, PhoneNo, CompName.....
So for tracking a PhoneNo, and building a network, if the data having history for past 10 years with a column of say RecordDate, i would like to timeline only for past 6 months and the graph has to change the network for the data available in that period, in that case i was looking for a time line filter or something like a bar to change the date.
is that possible or there a another way.
Thanks and Much appreciated for the reply

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