Kibana graph with 7d interval grouped by a field shows only previous week data - please help

when i am generating graphs in Kibana for an agregation (sum) of a term for 7 days, why is the graph skipping the current week data, it only shows previous week data. in the discovery i do see records but in the graph it shows current week values as 0, please help

Can you please be more specific about how you have configured:

  • The time range of your visualization
  • The aggregations of your visualization

Sorry, yes..
i am using TSVB to create a visualisation.
In the data tab, metrics.. i am using sum agregration on a numeric field
group by terms for a keyword
order by the sum of the above field (same as agregration)
in the panel options i am using interval as 1w

the graphs stops on 13th (last week) and not even showing 13th to 19th strangely despite having the records

Do you have the TSVB setting to drop the last bucket? It sounds like you want to show the last bucket

i have the setting and i have set it to no.. its very strange because in the data explorer i can clearly see documents on 16th,, 17th, 18th and 19th but these documents are not being fetched to sum and show me for the agregation. If i am generating the same graph with interval of 1d it shows the documents from 13th to 19th. only the 1w intervals wont show

Based on your description I don't know what the issue is. It sounds like something is not configured right with your time ranges.

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