Kibana Graphs are broken

Hi All ,

We are using old version of Kibana and Elasticsearch .

Elastic search Version: "1.7.2"
Kibana Version : I am not sure about it it should be compatible to 1.7.2

Some of our graphs in Kibana graphs are broken. They do not provide actual reflection of data .

Below is the screenshot

can you please let me know what could be the reason for it and how can we resolve it ?

can anyone help please help to get it resolve

It looks like you are using Kibana 3, which is compatible with Elasticsearch 1.7. This is however very old, and I have not used it in years, so am not able to help you here. I assume that will be the case for a lot of people here, so you might need to be patient and wait for someone still using it to respond.

I would also recommend considering upgrading to the latest version, which it will likely be much easier to get help with.

Chrsitian ,

So can you let me know in general what is reason for this distortion say if it occurs in new Kibana what would be the reason for it ??

It will give at least direction in which we can work help to figure out for the same.

I do not know as I have not worked with this very old version of the Stack for a very long time.

Ok Christian hope some one replies.

However one more question we are in process to upgrade our env to 6.2.4 ,for example we require to fetch the details of dashboards on fly by putting parameters in our URL like below in new kibana


How can we fetch up details on fly by putting parameters for the same.

Please open a new issue for that question and make sure explain what you are looking for. Also describe the requirements behind it as there may be different ways to solve the requirement that are different from what you are currently imagining.

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