Kibana hosts list

I have several devices that send data to Elastic via HTTP POST.
Is it possible to see them on a list somewhere?
Maybe in the Security-> Hosts section?
Thank you

If they are sending their hostname in the request, then you can see that in the index they are sending to.

But there's nothing native to Kibana that will show this.

So, I cant see them in the hosts section of Kibana?
What does that section show?


It relates to data ingested for security use cases, not for hosts accessing the cluster.

Sorry, I read the section you've linked.

It's not very clear how can I send "data for security", so the hosts are shown on Kibana.

Elastic Security | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic explains what that area is used for, but it's not aligned with what you are looking for here sorry.

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