Kibana Iframe not showing the mouse over Icon for viewing the more details

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HI All,

I have designed one dashboard in Kibana. I have embedded into another web application using Kibana Iframe. In the Kibana dashboard I can able to see the icon while mouse over on that place. When I clicked that icon its showing some other information. But unfortunately I am not able to see that icon when embed the Iframe into web app.

Any help should be appreciated.

I have attached screenshots for reference.




(Joe Fleming) #2

This is intentional, we don't show the spy panel (the area that lists all the details) in embedded mode. I don't actually know why that is though. It might be worthwhile opening an enhancement request on the repo that would allow enabling it via a url parameter or some other means.

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@Joe_Fleming Thanks for your valuable information. We want to know we are missing anything while embedding the dashboard. We are clear now. We will open enhancement request.

Once again Thanks,

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