Kibana in RED just because one index is RED


If any one of index in ElasticSeach cluster is RED, then Kibana is down with status RED. People can't search the data & see their dasbhoards..etc.

But as per the Elastic Search Documents, the data is searchable even if the cluster is RED status, but the result will be partial.

extract from
At least one primary shard (and all of its replicas) is missing. This means that you are missing data: searches will return partial results, and indexing into that shard will return an exception.

Why can't be the same functionality in Kibana? It should let the users to search the data whatever available even if the cluster state RED. As monitoring plugin from x-pack also doesn't work in Kibana, then we will not be able to see whats really happening in the cluster and Monitoring functionality is useless.

Is there any setting in Kibana which can be set to make Kibana search the data irrespective of the cluster state?

Kibana should only be red if the .kibana index is red. Please file a bug at

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