Kibana Index Patterns without Index

It just hit my attention: I have Kibana index patterns with no index.
Do you agree on this, that in case you once had a index and defined a pattern, but after that the data stream ends and curator over time deletes one be one the indices, then just the empty Kibana pattern remains in place.
What I also noticed: in some casese using the discover functionality with these empty Kibana index patterns the time pickup widget is not there anymore. In other cases the time / data widget is still there. Strange.
Any tip on a good houseking rule for KIbana index patterns?
Thanks for any comment or hint in this matter!

There is no automation for syncing the Kibana index patterns with curator/ILM index lifecycles, it's an interesting use case. I guess you could build something yourself using Delete object API | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic

However I think this is worth leaving a feature request in the Github repository:

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