Kibana initialization stalls in step "starting http server"


I have kibana 7.2 installed in linux box running over glibc 2.14 ( library builded only to run kibana ).
However Kibana does look to start completely. The last log entry is copied below and it is not possible open the application in browser :

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2019-07-12T15:08:33Z","tags":["debug","http","server"],"pid":17364,"message":"starting http server"}

I have elasticsearch running ok in the same box. Any suggestion to solve the issue with kibana initialization ?

What version of linux are you running? If it's RHEL based, there is an issue with the latest kibana where it has problems starting which is fixed in 7.2.1

Hi Marius,

I am using Oracle Linux 6.8 with C libraries v 2.12 . I downloaded the source and built the libc 2.14 required by Kibana 7.2 and changed the LD_LIBRARY_PATH only to start Kibana. But this method did not work fine.

So, I was back to Kibana 6.8 that worked fine. Does Kibana 7.2.1 support libc version 2.12 ? Otherwise it will be necessary upgrade my linux version.


YEah, this sounds like the issue we had with glibc as a dependency in one of our apps. You should pull 7.2.1 again and try building now.

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