Kibana internals: vis vs vislib vs vislib_vis_type

In a nutshell, what is the responsibilities of

  1. ui/public/ vis
  2. ui/public/ vislib
  3. ui/public/ vislib_vis_type

and how they are related.


There is some documentation in the repo related to visualization here. I will ping the folks who work on that code to also weigh in so the document can be improved.

More info from Kibana sources

This class consists of aggs, params, listeners, title, and type.
Not to be confused with vislib/vis.js.

Provides the Kibana4 Visualization Library

3.[quote="mrvincnezo, post:1, topic:72399"]
ui/public/ vislib_vis_type
Contains no documentation whatsoever

Not too informative.

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