Kibana internals: vis vs vislib vs vislib_vis_type

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In a nutshell, what is the responsibilities of

  1. ui/public/ vis
  2. ui/public/ vislib
  3. ui/public/ vislib_vis_type

and how they are related.


(Tyler Smalley) #2

There is some documentation in the repo related to visualization here. I will ping the folks who work on that code to also weigh in so the document can be improved.

(Ilia Katz) #3

More info from Kibana sources

This class consists of aggs, params, listeners, title, and type.
Not to be confused with vislib/vis.js.

Provides the Kibana4 Visualization Library

3.[quote="mrvincnezo, post:1, topic:72399"]
ui/public/ vislib_vis_type
Contains no documentation whatsoever

Not too informative.

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