Kibana is getting stuck when trying to search some particular field

(Nikhil Pillai) #1


Kibana gets stuck when we search for some particular field.

For example:

  1. When we search for info for a day & week of data we are getting the output smothly.
  2. But when we search for error or some services for even a day its getting stuck.

From initial analysis observed OOM: Java heap space error @ elasticsearch, for which I increased heap size from 1gb to 4gb. We also deleted older data(index).

Post doing all the above we restarted the complete ELK service but was of no use. We are still facing the same issue.

Can anyone help us out as we have no idea what is the root cause and how to proceed.


(Mark Walkom) #2

KB can only go as fast as ES, so you will likely need to look there.
Install the Marvel plugin and see what is happening.

(system) #3