Kibana is not connecting to elasticsearch + Kibana is making the elastic search so busy from responding - Docker


New to ELK stack + Docker.

Trying to setup ELK setup locally in docker. The command used is

  docker network create elasticnew --driver=bridge
  docker run --network=elasticnew --name elasticsearchnode -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300
  docker run --network=elasticnew --name kibana -e ELASTICSEARCH_URL=http://elasticsearchnode:9200 -p 5601:5601

Initially, ElasticSeach is up and http://localhost:9200/ is giving json response.

But kibana url http://localhost:5601/ says "Kibana server is not ready yet" and the request keeps on spinning in browser.

Querying for docker container says,

CONTAINER ID:76fe82529fa9                                                      
CREATED:16 minutes ago
STATUS:Up 15 minutes 

1.Initially the command

docker logs kibana  

gives empty response immediately. Later on issuing this command, taking time exponentially to reply (Did not see the logs after 10 mins too.)

2.Later, localhost:9200 in browser too, replicates the above behaviour. (It seems something like, kibana is making the elastic search busy)

3.Did inspect on kibana container, but it says the status as "running". Hereby shared the link for the log.


4.Later, this makes the docker itself busy (Issuing any docker commands takes lot of time to respond)

PS: I am using Win 10 Enterprise, 6GB of RAM and after running the kibana and elastic search docker containers, the RAM usage was close to 70% and above.

Could some one share some inputs on,

Q1. Why kibana fails to connect with elastic search?
Q2. Why elastic search too fails to respond after kibana fails to run?
Q3. Have I misconfigured/misunderstood anything?

Thanks in advance

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