Kibana is not getting

Both elasticsearch and kibana running fine. But i am getting following screen only for long time. why?what happened to my kibana? i am using kibana 5.5.2.

Please help me. i am middle of one work...

hello, how you define that elasticsearch and kibana running fine?
can you write here information from log file of kibana?

is your elasticsearch available by localhost:9200 with get query ?

Elasticsearch is available in localhost. I got the Status from [RED] to [YELLOW] in elasticsearch and [RED] to [GREEN] in Kibana. Is this enough to define both are running fine?

what is your environment(linux, windows)?
write please result from cmd(terminal): java -version
in linux distributive:
execute command and give result:
cat kibana.yml |grep -v "#" |grep "$^"
cat elasticsearch.yml |grep -v "#" |grep "$^"
curl localhost:9200

as i write earlier, please give infromation from kibana.log file, it should placed on system output if you run it by ./kibana

i am running in windows. where can i get kibana log file?


This is what i am getting after running kibana.bat in command prompt.
Yesterday i tried to open kibana-5.5.2 folder in PhpStorm to view the source code. After that only i am getting this problem.

can you re-download kibana and try to run it? :slight_smile:

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