Kibana is showing only the first line of the txt log file

I need to ship logs from 2 apps into ElasticSearch/Kibana, one of them is a Symfony app that generates logs in /var/www/html/logs/*.log and they are displayed in the correct format on ES/Kibana. While the other is a NodeJS based app that generates the logs in the format of txt file, but in Kibana, it's showing only the first line of the log content in the message field.
Below is a sample log.txt file:

fetchBlog called
[{"res":null,"error":"1"},{"message":"2","type":"3","errno":"4","code":"4"},"request to failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED","system","ECON$"}]

And the output is just showing like below:

So, how to fix the formatting issue to parse all of the contents of the txt log file into ES/Kibana

Hi @meniem!

It seems that you need to handle your multiline logs. You can follow the instructions in the respective documentation here.


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Thanks @ChrsMark, appreciate it :slight_smile:

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