Kibana is stock on “Kibana server is not ready yet”

Hi everyone

After installing Inhanced-Table plugin, my Kibana is stock on following message

  "Kibana server is not ready yet"

However after some minutes it completely became out of reach and I face with "Unable to connect" error on my browser.

I removed the plugin with following command but the error still exists.

./bin/kibana-plugin remove enhanced-table

Would you mind helping me in order to solve this problem. Also Kibana logfile is available via following link.

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There seems to be several problems here:

  1. Kibana is unable to perform upgrade migrations because of this Elasticsearch error:
    Unable to connect to Elasticsearch. Error: [search_phase_execution_exception] all shards failed This could happen if you deleted any of the .kibana* indices while Kibana was already running which can result in a .kibana index instead of a .kibana alias. Unless you have data that you care about, the simplest would be to shutdown Kibana and then delete all the delete all the kibana indices with DELETE .kibana* for a blank start. Otherwise you can read more about upgrade migrations here
  2. The optimizer fails to "compile" Kibana's plugin bundles. I'm not sure why this happens, but I would suggest you start with a fresh install of Kibana to fix this problem.

Thanks for your comment, however i do not know how to run elasticserach queries without using kibana, I used to use Development area in order to run these commands. would you mind sending me a link in case of running commands like DELETE /.kibana* or GET /_cat/aliases while the kibana is unavailable
thanks best regards

If you prefer a GUI I would recommend using a REST client like which will allow you to configure basic auth credentials and construct different request methods and bodies.

On the command line you can use curl (substitute password with your password)
curl -X GET "elastic:password@localhost:9200/_cat/aliases"
curl -X DELETE "elastic:password@localhost:9200/.kibana*"

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