Kibana is very slow in discover and visualisations


An index pattern is very slow when it comes to discover and even more in visualisation.
Specifically in visualisation, when I use this index, kibana crashes sometimes.
This pattern has 2.5b documents and 51 fields.
I assume that the reason is that I have many documents.
So, is this a resources' problem or can it be fixed in another way?

Thank you very much in advance!

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It is a resource problem, where you'll want to find how to scale your Elasticsearch cluster for faster search.

I'll add a few learning resources that hopefully will help out:

My basic understanding is If the cluster also has high level of ingestion, you'll want to designate the data nodes in the cluster for specialized ingestion purpose or search purpose. The ingestion data nodes will be optimized to writes and the search data nodes will be optimized to reads.

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