Kibana isnot converting over https in windows

hello everyone,
I have successfully convert http to https in elasticsearch but the communication between elastic search and kibana is having the possible error
can you help me out .
I'm doing it in windows
and on my localhost.

hi @shharukh , just judging from those configs, I can't really tell.

But I would start with Encrypt communications in Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic, and follow the setup instructions from there.

Depending on the type of setup you have in Elasticsearch, the certirficate chain may not be setup correctly. You are either missing the

  • elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities
  • elasticsearch.ssl.truststore.path

config-entries in your kibana.yml.

Please don't post screenshots of configuration or log files.
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It appears you are trying to use a CA for your transport and http keystore which is an incorrect configuration. The official documentation for TLS in Elasticsearch can walk you through the process of setting this up.

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