KIBANA: Kibana not accessible from a network computer

Hello {ES World},
I'm running ES and Kibana on my machine.
One of my colleague needs to access both, I've configured
ES with my IP as publishing address and KIBANA with my IP

He is able to access my ES, but while accessing Kibana,
it simply waits life long to load.

Interesting, could this be a firewall issue? I have no issue doing this locally, but I use rather than my own IP, this is also the default for kibana.

Can you give that a shot?

Yeah @spalger,
But it didn't make it.

Figured out, we are on different subnet/VLAN.


Now he is able to access to ES of my machine.
But while accessing kibana, it is simply waiting
on the loading screen.
After inspecting in browser(Inspect Element),
it shows following error message,

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined

Don't know what's gone wrong.