Kibana logging destination

How to make the kibana log file a daily rolling one.

#logging.dest: stdout
logging.dest: /project/kibana/logs/kibana-log.txt


It depends on which OS you are using, which versions of Kibana and elasticsearch and whether you are running them as a service?

If you could let me know, we can try to figure it out.


Linux OS
ELK 5.4.3 version
The installation is through the gzip file.

The zip files log to stdout.

Sorry. I didn't get that. What should be the logging.dest value?

#logging.dest: stdout
logging.dest: /project/kibana/logs/kibana-log.txt

If that is what you set then it will log to there.

I want to have it as a daily rolling one, other wise it will be a very big file. I want to have a new file generated everyday.

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