Kibana logging

Hi sir,
env: kibana 4.5.0 elasticsearch :2.3.2

In our env. many user access the kibana to view,create,delete the visualize and dashboard, we want get the detaild action,so does kibana could log the detail information like this:

date time Client IP Client_Name operation_account action objects
2016-05-10 09:30:23 client01 root create visualize visualize01

You would need to proxy KB with something like nginix, apache, to capture this info.

kibana could also be treated as a web server,I think it should have or be developed this function,so that we could transfer it to ELK and look into the access logs,right?:slight_smile:

Feel free to raise a feature request for this if that is what you are after! :slight_smile:

I am a new comer, where can I raise a feature request? thanks~

Right here -