Kibana logs are not in order 6.7 version

Filebeat-- logstash - - elastic search - - kibana
Version all 6.7
It is not working both scenario #10005 ticket, since in real time i have more log lines of 10 to 15 have same @timestamp with respective to seconds but offset different, so i have created new number filed in logstash with combined @timestamp and offset together...
After that In kibana discover tab i can able to see the new number field with unique number..
But in kibana logs ui, it stopped streaming if i try to order by newly created number field.

Any possibility to combine @timestamp, offset in kibana logs UI tab.. Because i tried multiple combination but failed.

Hi @Rampsrr,

in contrast to the Discover tab, the Logs UI actually has a mechanism for dealing with non-unique timestamps. It is able to internally combine the timestamp and a tiebreaker field to ensure consistent order. From your description it sounds like this could work for you:

  • set the timestamp field to the default @timestamp
  • set the tiebreaker to your offset field

Let us know if that works out for you.

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