Kibana logs are not showing in DIscover page

Hi team,

We are injected the logs by manually for few testing and we have done the filebeat, and logstash pipeline and Logstash config file as well as the same.

But after configured and pushed the logs by manually, it could collect the logs in kibana.

Could you please suggest us to proceed further.

Yasar Arafaath A.

It's not clear what you are asking here sorry, can you elaborate and clarify please.

Hello Mark,

We had received the logs in Filebeat and Logstash side.. But it could not reach the kibana side.. Here are the Filebeat and Logstash Config... Please check once and guide us.

- type: log
  enabled: true
    - /tmp/dev.apps/*
  fields_under_root: true
        topic_name: -------
        logtype: lcfilterpoc

Logstash Config:

 input {
   kafka {
             bootstrap_servers => ""

             topics             => [""]
             consumer_threads   => 3
             group_id           => "ls-dev-grp"
             security_protocol  => "SSL"
             ssl_truststore_location => "/usr/share/softwares/cert/kafka.client.truststore.jks"
             ssl_truststore_password => "changeit"
            #codec              => "json"

 filter {

        fingerprint {
                source => [ "fingerprint", "log" ]
                target => "[@metadata][fingerprint]"
                method => "SHA1"
                concatenate_sources => true


 output {

  if [logtype] == "lcfilterpoc" {
         elasticsearch {
                index => "ej-lc-%{[logtype]}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
                hosts => [""]
                api_key => [""]
                ssl => true
                ilm_rollover_alias => "ej-lc-lcdroptest"
                ilm_pattern => "000001"
                ilm_policy => "DeleteIndexAfterOneDay"
                document_id => ""

Please find the snap from Index Management:

Yasar Arafaath A.

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